Born in the city of Arles, in south of France, the songwriter Vehcob, grow up inside a no-professional musicians family.

At 10 years old, his father learn him guitar bases and rhythm.

On his mother side, also songmriter and guitar player, she learn him the solo, notes and creations.

After that, he hear an old audio tape from his father's band playing Sultan of Swing  by Dire Straits, played  talently by the incridible Mark Knopfler.
Passioned by that guitar player, he decide to learn seriously.

At 14 years old, the teenager compose his first songs based on his feeling, the emotions around him and his first loves.

Later, he decide to study piano by himself.

The composer doesn't know how to really describe his style

(Some day I'm sad, I go to the piano et make a melody, another day I'm full of energy, I take my guitar and write a music with rhythm.
Depending of my mood.
I listen all kind of music, classical style, rap, pop rock and others.

In 2011, he begins to learn CAM "Computer Aided Music"


In 2014, he record an original track and decide to share it on the web for the first time

"Self-Made" Sound technic study  seduice him a lot, and everyday he continu to learn more and more, for increase his records quality.